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Search Engine Marketing
SureThing™ is a comprehensive 18-step program designed to retrofit every aspect of a corporate website to achieve the highest possible rankings. DDA's clients enrolled in the SureThing™ Search Engine Program average 135 rankings in the top 10 positions on the major search engines like Yahoo and Google.

DDA's search engine marketing process starts with keyword and keyword phrase research to determine what website visitors are searching for. Each company needs to understand their keywords and their customer's online search patterns. These keywords are used to formulate keyword-rich content, thus providing a better presentation to the major search engines like Yahoo and Google. DDA has developed a proprietary 18-step search engine optimization program called SureThing™. DDA has helped many companies achieve superior rankings, which has resulted in significantly more visitors to their website, more lead generation and therefore, more business to the company.

Today, about 85% of all visits to websites originate through search engine searches. Estimates vary, but approximately 5% of websites today are properly optimized so that major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Lycos and Excite can find them. Why spend time, money and energy to build a site visitors will not find? Internet advertising, just for search marketing, andin all its forms, is over $4 trillion. That includes paid placement, paid inclusion, organic SEO, and search engine technology. E-marketing has surpassed all the traditional forms of promotions and marketing.What is perhaps most startling about search engine marketing, the most effective method of online promotion, is generally how it is very poorly used.

Why? Because search engines work their magic in very specific and very secret ways. There is no place to learn what algorhythims the spider applications utilize in evaluating and ranking the effective search engine optimization is best learned over time through experience and experimentation.

Very few website providers put any effort into effective and ongoing search engine ranking programs because it is uneconomical for most of them to do so. Fortune 1000 companies have the budget to sign on to the high-end search engine optimization providers. A typical project costs between $5,000 and $15,000 a month with a minimum term of one year. Other providers sell a one time "fix" which can cost as much as $5,000 for a front-end coding solution that has dubious value.

Dynamic Digital Advertising, a digital pioneer in Pennsylvania since 1994, has the real solution at an affordable price.



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